Serving infant, young children and parents together

YPIECMH is an association of professional organizations whose mission is Working together to champion a comprehensive system of early intervention, prevention and treatment service meeting the needs of all young parents, their infants and children across Ontario through:
1. Collaborating, educating and advocating to provide exceptional services to obtain optimal infant mental health and optimal Mental Health for young parents together
2. The provision of a forum for service providers
3. The provision of professional support and knowledge exchange

Member Agencies

2016 Conference

Infant Mental Health on the Move

Thank you to everyone who attended and special thanks to all of the presenters. It was a great two days!
Young Parent, Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Centres provide a comprehensive services focussed on:
  • Vulnerable pregnant and parenting youth who have moderate to severe mental health and addiction challenges
  • Infants and young children (prenatal – 3 years, receive early identification, targeted prevention, intervention and treatment programs designed to reduce their risk of developing future mental health challenges and to enhance their physical, cognitive and psycho-social development.
We provide services, which address maternal mental health and addiction challenges, infant and young child developmental and mental health concerns and the mother-child attachment relationship through a community-based cross systemic model. Youth receive integrated mental health and addiction counselling, infant and young child mental health counselling, health/medical services, adolescent parenting, support, infant and young child development screening and assessment, early childhood developmental interventions, child care, access to Ontario Secondary School courses and academic counselling and supports to daily living in single access settings across the province.